Advertising Careers

The true facts about having a career in advertising, breaking past the myths.Myth Number One: Anyone who has a career in advertising must be unethical and it is a dishonorable career choice.Truth: The advertising field is a well respected career choice. Sadly, there are those that will also surmise that if you are trying to sell them something than you are actually trying to deceive them in some way or another.The truth is that advertisers must abide by a strict list of specific parameters that ensure against deception. The last thing that an advertising firm would want to do is tarnish a client’s standing by misrepresenting them or their product.Myth Number Two: Anyone in the advertising field is rich.Truth: It is a fact that there is a lot of money that can be made in advertising as a career, but only a few people actually earn those six figure incomes. A lot of people start at the bottom and some will even choose to intern without a salary or earning just minimum wage in order to break into the industry.Advertising is not that different from any other career choice. You must pay your dues in order to move up in the field. How well you do in the field is strictly up to you and as with anything else, you will get out of it what you put in.Myth Number Three: It is very difficult to break into the field of advertising:Truth: If you are serious about getting into a career in advertising, the jobs are out there. You certainly won’t get that corner office on your fist time out, but if you are willing to work hard there are many great opportunities in the field.Myth Number Four: A career in advertising is just another name for public relations.Truth: While they do go hand-in-hand, they are not the same profession. You can use the skills you master in Public Relations but just because you have a career in advertising doesn’t make you a PR specialist. The focus is different for each career.Myth Number Five: A career in advertising is fun and always glamorous.Truth: Don’t let TV shows, like Madmen and others that glamorize the career cloud your judgment. It is not always a day at the beach. Remember, it is a job and it requires hard work. The hours are long and often require weekend work. You may work on a campaign for weeks only to have the client trash it or change their minds completely.Myth Number Six: All of your creative ideas will be put into use:Truth: Creativity is a wonderful thing, but it has its place. Clients often have a specific idea in mind and as a professional advertiser you must always follow the client’s wishes. Don’t get your feelings hurt if your ideas are not put into practice. In general, advertisers work as a team.
There will always be a need for advertising and with hard work, you can break into the field and have a very productive and prosperous career in advertising.